When is deep tissue massage appropriate?

When is it appropriate to get a deep tissue massage instead of a relaxation massage?

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, muscle spasms or reduced range of motion, this type of treatment may be for you. Deep tissue massage can help with these symptoms by targeting specific muscles or scar tissue to restore motility and thus correct imbalances and postural issue in the body as a whole.

If you’re recovering from an injury you may, after an appropriate period or healing, receive deep tissue treatment to help alleviate symptoms and speed your recovery. Ask your doctor how long after an injury you should wait before getting massage therapy. Generally about 6 weeks is appropriate.

Examples of conditions that can be improved through deep tissue massage include, to name a few:

Back pain
Frozen shoulder
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Lateral epicondylitis (“tennis elbow”)

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Peace and balance,
Daniel Watkins, LMT