Upcoming Price Changes

Hello friends!

I’ve been putting this off as long as possible, but as my costs have increased year after year it’s become necessary to increase my prices. Starting in two months on March 1st 2023, prices will increase by $10 across the board. This includes regular pricing, prepaid series, and memberships. Add-on services will remain the same price.

Members, your new monthly price will be $60. The service pricing will change accordingly to the following.

  • 30 minutes $30
  • 60 minutes $60
  • 90 minutes $85
  • 120 minutes $110

Your monthly credit, good for one hour, will subtract $60 from the price of 90 and 120 minute services. For example, if you have one credit and want up upgrade the time, you would pay $25 for 90 minutes at the time of service. Or you could pay $50 more for a two hour service. Just like before.

I want to thank you all for helping Peaceful Panda to prosper! Please feel free to reach out by phone/sms, email, or the Massagebook button below if you have any questions or concerns. You work hard, and you deserve to feel comfortable in your body. I hope I’ll have to honor to serve you for many more years.

Love & Kindness,
Daniel Watkins, LMT